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Interview with Jewish Views Radio in June 2019

In June 2019 John was interviewed by the team at Jewish Views Radio about his life, career and his new book 'Nadine' published in May. Jewish Views "This month Jon, Kate, Tony & Clive speak to award winning author, Howard Jacobson... Continue Reading →

Nadine book launch 22nd May 2019

John Steinberg launched his new title 'Nadine' at the Hampstead School of Art on Wednesday 22nd May 2019. Nadine John’s latest creation and third novel is Nadine, the story of a stunning and mysterious French dancer set in London, Paris and... Continue Reading →

Interview and video from my talk during Jewish Book Week

My talk at Jewish Book Week in March, with Richard Aronowitz and Jenni Frazer in March was filmed. Seemed to go down rather well. Click into this post to watch the video 

A full page article on Blue Skies in The Jerusalem Post – 24.2.17

Melanie Takefman reviews Blue Skies Over Berlin in 24th February edition of The Jerusalem Post, page 40. Entitled 'The art of deception. A novel pairs the scion of a Nazi family with a social-climbing Jew for an art caper in... Continue Reading →

Speaking at Jewish Book Week Festival Sunday 5th March

Looking forward to speaking with Richard Aronowitz about our books at the 2017 Jewish Book Week event this Sunday, 5th March at 8pm,Kings Place St. Pancras. The event is being chaired by Jenni Frazer, whose award-winning career in journalism has spanned over... Continue Reading →

Blue Skies for TV?

The Story I've been working on the possible adaptation of Blue Skies over Berlin for a dramatic TV production. Introducing Eva Schlessinger Teenager daughter of a rich Aryan family in Berlin during the war, Eva insulates herself from the atrocities... Continue Reading →

Barnet Times reviews Blue Skies

Businessman turned author John Steinberg from Hampstead publishes second novel Blues Skies Over Berlin ahead of Jewish Book Week Mattie Lacey-Davidson the Times' Features Editor interviewed John in February 2017. John told Mattie “The main thread throughout the book is art,... Continue Reading →

KCW Review Blue Skies

Read the Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Today's review of Blue Skies "The urge to re-invent oneself isn’t often held up as one of the primal drives. Yet sometimes past events are so shattering that the desire to become someone new is... Continue Reading →

A radio interview with The Jewish Views 9th Feb 2017

Yesterday I did a radio interview for the Jewish Views, I covered a synopsis of my book and a little on my own journey as an author. Click below to access the podcast and drag the cursor to start at... Continue Reading →

Spiro Ark is hosting a talk inspired by Blue Skies Over Berlin 12.2.17

I'll be discussing my book with Dr Tali Lowenthal and Eduardo Pitchon When: 12/02/2017 Where: Shtiebel, 10a Canfield Gardens, London NW6 Time: 19.30PM Contact: 0207 794 4655 Price: £10 over the telephone Dr Lowenthal is is the Director of the Chabad Research Unit and an author.... Continue Reading →

2017 events and talks

2017 is shaping up to be a busy year in my local area, with a series of events and book talks planned at local venues (and Israel!). Hope you can join me.  24th Jan at 6.30pm at the Swiss Cottage... Continue Reading →

Interview with Ham and High January 2017

This interview covered my current book Blue Skies Over Berlin and touched on my new project.  

New book – Blue Skies over Berlin

My new novel went on sale last week, really interested to hear what you think. Overview A young German woman moves to London from war-ravaged Berlin in 1956 to start a new life. She takes a new name – Charlotte... Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: Book Review: “Shimon”, the Story of a Talmudic Giant

Written by: Rochel Sylvetsky A book about a gladiator turned Talmudic Sage, which inadvertently shows the greatness of the Torah's attitude to human failings. "Shimon" is the story of the life of third century Talmudic scholar Resh Lakish, whose real... Continue Reading →

A gladiator in the study hall

Written by: Miriam Kates Lock A fictional account of how Shimon ben Lakish, better known as Resh Lakish, transitioned from the arena to the yeshiva Shimon was born into a life of dire poverty. His family had been forced to flee... Continue Reading →

Shimon My First Novel

The first thing I had to do was to write a synopsis of the story.  This started with a simple idea. In my a case, a man’s journey from a gladiator to a life of spiritual meaning. Since my character... Continue Reading →

John Steinberg’s Interview with Ham & High

Ham & High, Thursday 14th August 2014. "Gladiator who became a sage inspired writer" A first-time author tells Harry Kemble how a chance meeting helped spark his novel. It is not hard to see the reasons why first-time author John... Continue Reading →

Developing As a Writer

Apart from our monitor breaking down on the opening night and a few wonky props that had a habit of falling to pieces during the performances, the six-week run went off relatively smoothly. We played to several full houses and... Continue Reading →

Ray thought it would be a good idea to film an amusing scene when Larry, our leading man, is seen leaving his house on his way to a gig and is struck down by an attack of asthma. The plan... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Reality!

Six weeks to go and we still had no idea who was going to be playing the role of our leading man, let alone the five other members of the cast and a stage manager to look after the show.... Continue Reading →

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