John Steinberg’s latest and fourth novel, The Temple of Fortune. This is a story of one man’s fraught journey concluding with a fundamental change in mindset that transforms his life, resonating with elements of the author’s real life experiences.

Stanley Rose has got it all – a lovely wife and daughter, a smart house in Hampstead and the good looks of Hollywood actor Omar Sharif.

But good looks are no consolation when Stan’s business goes spectacularly bust and his wife Carol is about to lose her battle with cancer.

Neglecting his grieving teenage daughter, Stan buries himself in the pursuit of fortune and all its trappings.

Family and friends are left to pick up the pieces while he props up the bar in exclusive West End clubs and decides what model Ferrari to buy next. 

A reckoning must come. 

When it does, Stan’s world is turned upside down. Hidden acts of treachery and an old secret shockingly revealed, all combine to prompt the question: What will it take for Stanley Rose to re-emerge as a fully-fledged human being? Warm, funny and engaging, The Temple of Fortune shows how the happiness we seek can often be found close to home, where it was always waiting.

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Author reading: John sets the scene

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From the Author: John Steinberg reveals his inspiration for this novel, listen below.

The virtual launch for this novel was hosted by Circle Sq on Thursday 10th September 2020 with over 50 attendees.

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