John’s latest creation and third novel is Nadine, the story of a stunning and mysterious French dancer set in London, Paris and New York.

Here is a taste of what Nadine is about:

To most people the theatre producer and the dancer seem totally unsuited. With Nadine’s beauty, talent and stage presence she would always have her pick of anything or anyone. Peter Greenberg isn’t much to look at, but kindness and generosity aren’t easy to see. When Nadine is betrayed by the man she loves and finds herself with nowhere to go she realises that Greenberg is the only person she can turn to. But even though she knows his love and support are hers forever, its no compensation for the dark episodes of depression that have plagued her since adolescence and by feeling compromised between her career and caring for her secret love child. When her delicate mental state is used against her to prise away that child, there is only one solution. In a final act of desperation, she takes an irrevocable step.

Years pass, and Greenberg has long given up hope that his enduring and unrequited love for Nadine can ever be returned in any way. But then he’s commissioned by an unlikely source to produce a musical about the dancer. The show is a huge success. It salvages a floundering career and enables Greenberg to move on with his life.

With its nod to Hitchcock’s Psycho in how soon his heroine comes to her own point of no return, John’s plotting is nowhere more daring than in Nadine.

Nadine is a poignant story of unrequited love, a love that will one day be returned and in a most unexpected way…

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5/5 stars “Loved The Book. All the characters seemed so real. An absolute must summer holiday read”

5/5 stars “Highly Commended. A great read. An intriguing and touching story, written with brilliant simplicity.” Sam

5/5 stars “It will have you in tears. Unlike any other love story I have ever read.” Florence

5/5 stars “It was love at first sight. Thoroughly enjoyable well researched page turner. Twists, turns, and surprises retain your interest… Great material for a movie…”

5/5 stars ” Twists and Turns within a love story. A beautifully written book. A touching love story with loveable characters. Thoroughly recommend.” Soozy

5/5 stars “Very good book. Absolutely loved this book, great story, well written. Enjoyed it a lot.” Diane

3/5 stars “Real page turner, Steinberg’s best novel yet.” Judi

5/5 stars “A great read. Loved this book! I read it in 5hours because I couldn’t put it down!” Vikky

5/5 stars “A story of intense love which lasts beyond the grave, set in a background of deceit, malice and betrayal. This makes Nadine and her memory all the more precious. I’ve read it twice and find it very special.”

5/5 stars “I really enjoyed reading this book. In fact I could not put it down and read it in less than 3 days. The story line is gripping and the characters seem very real and easy to identify with. John has created a true masterpiece here. A must read. But keep a tissue to hand. I shed tears several times.”

5/5 stars “A lyrical book that alternates between descriptions of a young woman with a remarkable beauty and talent, and the harsh realities of life in London. Nadine is a real young woman, but becomes almost a legend through the book. A dancer with memorable talents and looks, she links the worlds of wealthy Paris, the streets of London, and the West End. In the course of the book the narrative also travels to America, and it is a novel about the clash of cultures and the overturning of expectations. This beautifully written book acknowledges that money and power are sometimes insufficient, but as it states on the cover as a sort of subtitle “Sometimes the memory of Love is enough”. The characters, notably Nadine herself and Peter Greenberg, are well developed, and the minor characters each have their role to play even if it is only one scene, such as Peter’s father. There are some terrifically moving passages in this novel, which encapsulate the story of great emotions. Unpredictable and engaging, this is a novel which speaks of the tenacity of the human spirit, especially when dedicated to a loving memory. I was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review this dramatic and satisfying novel.

The novel opens with Peter Greenberg in London, 2012, as he realises that he is in financial difficulties in his business of a theatrical producer. A series of unfortunate events have chipped away at his shows and investments, and his wife seems oblivious to the true state of affairs. A name in a newspaper reminds him of a diary which set him an obligation which is still unfilled to Nadine, a beautiful dancer. The story reverts to London of 1974, when a young Greenberg was a young and successful producer who is transfixed by a dancer in a show put on by a rival. Arranging a meeting with her, their encounter promises to be the start of a brilliant career, and the world shattering beginning of a devotion on Greenberg’s part to a young woman who proves to be as elusive as she is beautiful and talented. When she disappears from his life, the story switches to Paris as Nadine returns to her wealthy if dysfunctional family, revealing some of the influences on her which have led her to this point.

This book is fascinating on the subject of life long mental health issues, which affect lives and change perspectives. Threads of hope, pain and disappointment stream throughout this book, as well as a kind of justice which can take decades to work through. There are times when it is a tough read, of poor relationships between parents and children and the resulting guilt that can bring. While a few of the characters have a lot of money, there are also those who live on the edge, and have to scrape a living. Nadine herself flits through the narrative, representing the pain of love and the survival of love in difficult circumstances. I found this a book which carried me along in a tragedy but also a memorable love, a story of a young woman who found what she needed while on the stage, but struggled with real life. I recommend this gentle and meaningful story.”

5/5 stars “When Peter Greenberg catches sight of dancer, Nadine Bertrand, it sets in train a series of events that will dominate the course of his life. His obsession with Nadine sees him attempt to help her career but also make her a permanent fixture in his life. Unfortunately he is unaware of much that is going on in her life and the dramatic effect this will have on her mental stability. He never wavers in his love for her and, even when tragedy strikes, he remains determined to demonstrate his adoration in the only way he knows how. As he discovers, he is not alone in his devotion to Nadine.

The book takes the reader behind the scenes of the world of musical theatre production, from concept and script development, to hiring composers and directors, to casting actors. It’s a high risk business where the possibility of financial ruin lies always around the corner.

The event involving a key character which takes place part way through the book represents a bold move on the author’s part but as a coup de théâtre is in keeping with the nature of the storyline. It’s the sort of thing that would have an audience of a play buzzing with conversation at the interval.

Readers attracted to the book, like me, by the mention in the blurb of secrets from World War Two may appreciate knowing that these play a very minor role in the story. The author also introduces a side story concerning financial shenanigans by a particularly dodgy individual.

In Nadine, the author presents the reader with a picture of the power of love to last a lifetime, or even beyond.”