Writing a novel is hard and some may even say a foolish pursuit. After all, with the tens of thousand of new titles published each year, what are the odds that yours is going to make an impact on the literary world?

Of course, you might just strike lucky and have a best seller on your hands, in which case this blog is definitely not for you!

Even if it is with the unrealistic expectation that one-day we will eventually get somewhere!

That’s not to say we couldn’t make things easier for ourselves by choosing a market with the widest possible appeal!

Take my own body of work, for instance, and the problems I’ve encountered with my stories not conforming to any particular genre, making self promotion a near impossible task!

The Genre Challenge

Finding no obvious solution, I started thinking that perhaps there’s someone out there better equipped than me, who can come up with an existing or new genre that best describes my latest novel, the Temple of Fortune?

So, download the 3 key chapters of Temple of Fortune for FREE and then let me know what you think via the form below or email me at steinbergstories@gmail.com

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