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Hemingway & Me

I’ve just finished watching a documentary on Ernest Hemingway, considered by many as one of the literary giants of the 20th century.  I learned that he was often plagued by self-doubt when it came to starting a new novel, and this got... Continue Reading →

Too Close for Comfort

Describing in my previous blog how I’d retreated to the relative safety of another personal journey for my latest novel got me questioning whether it was the correct strategy or simply the case of taking an easy way out? The... Continue Reading →

Writing off more than you can do.

Spending your day coming up with ideas for new novels, it’s too easy to run away with yourself. That’s my excuse for having to put two projects that I’d spent months developing, and to which I had attached such high... Continue Reading →

Enslaved to Habit

A second Pesach, devoid of the traditional celebrations of the Exodus from Egypt, would have seemed unimaginable just a couple of years ago. But then it’s probably a blessing that we aren’t privy to what lies just around the corner. This is... Continue Reading →

A matter of perspective

With the end of lockdown and the return to normal in sight, one can’t help wondering whether things will ever be the same. Certainly, for people like me and I suspect for many others, the episode has left us with more questions... Continue Reading →

Feeling better about yourself

Feelings of low self-esteem are not at all surprising in today’s society, where comparative success appears all-important. In my case, my feelings of inadequacy certainly derived from school years, which were  devoid of any achievement to write home about. Fortunately, education has moved on... Continue Reading →

Different Times, Same Struggle

Researching the earliest forms of writing for a new project, it was comforting to discover that the earliest wordsmith was also up against it, trying to get his point across. In his case, most of his formative years were spent... Continue Reading →

A discussion on Writing Your Way Out Of A Crisis – on 17th February 2021

John joined the CHABAD Research Unit discussion panel to explore the role of creativity in mental wellbeing, and his own journey as an author. This series of encounters on the theme of Creativity, Spirituality & Wellbeing is in memory of... Continue Reading →

A Silver Lining

As 2020 drew to a close, quite understandably most of us were looking forward to a New Year free from the extraordinary challenges of the previous twelve months. However, the surreal conditions that accompanied the pandemic brought something more profound... Continue Reading →

Writing about your thoughts

When I first turned my hand to writing, it was without any conscious need to come to terms with a couple of traumatic experiences that I subsequently learned had remained submerged for far too long! Rather than seeking counselling for the bereavement... Continue Reading →

Another Lockdown….

And there was I thinking there was light at the end of the tunnel! The projects that had just recently immerged from enforced hibernation were about to be mothballed yet again! The question of how to respond to this latest... Continue Reading →

Temple of Fortune Genre Challenge

Writing a novel is hard and some may even say a foolish pursuit. After all, with the tens of thousand of new titles published each year, what are the odds that yours is going to make an impact on the literary world?... Continue Reading →

The Temple of Fortune launch 10th September 2020

The prospect of a virtual book launch didn’t exactly set the adrenalin pumping! With the surreal conditions, we’ve all found ourselves in this year, it was that or nothing for my latest novel, The Temple of Fortune, to see the light of... Continue Reading →

Adding to the Pesach Experience

Another Pesach has come and gone but why, I wondered, did this one seem different from all other ones? Perhaps in the current lockdown, there’s been more time to reflect on this and other questions that I’d previously taken for... Continue Reading →

Writing in Times of Crisis

So, now for 2020... Starting 2020 with two projects programmed for the year, the prospects for 2020 were looking good - that is, until the pandemic hit. The question of how to respond to a crisis this time didn’t just... Continue Reading →

Interview with Jewish Views Radio in June 2019

In June 2019 John was interviewed by the team at Jewish Views Radio about his life, career and his new book 'Nadine' published in May. Jewish Views "This month Jon, Kate, Tony & Clive speak to award winning author, Howard Jacobson... Continue Reading →

Interview and video from my talk during Jewish Book Week

My talk at Jewish Book Week in March, with Richard Aronowitz and Jenni Frazer in March was filmed. Seemed to go down rather well. Click into this post to watch the video 

A full page article on Blue Skies in The Jerusalem Post – 24.2.17

Melanie Takefman reviews Blue Skies Over Berlin in 24th February edition of The Jerusalem Post, page 40. Entitled 'The art of deception. A novel pairs the scion of a Nazi family with a social-climbing Jew for an art caper in... Continue Reading →

KCW Review Blue Skies

Read the Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Today's review of Blue Skies "The urge to re-invent oneself isn’t often held up as one of the primal drives. Yet sometimes past events are so shattering that the desire to become someone new is... Continue Reading →

Launching Shimon the book 31st March 2014

My novel, Shimon is published on the 31st March 2014 and advance copies can be placed on Amazon  by adding to your wish list - click here to pre-order. Set in the bustling streets, glorious palaces and fearsome gladiatorial arenas... Continue Reading →

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