The prospect of a virtual book launch didn’t exactly set the adrenalin pumping! With the surreal conditions, we’ve all found ourselves in this year, it was that or nothing for my latest novel, The Temple of Fortune, to see the light of day.

As it transpired, the event hosted by Circle Sq, the networking group I’d recently joined, proved rather more enjoyable than similar occasions  I’d tuned into that were so incredibly dry, went on for too long and left me grappling for my mobile to check my emails.

However, the structure that was put in place, guaranteed that the 50 minute event was timed to perfection and the two rehearsals, just a few hours beforehand, to ensure  that yours truly wouldn’t  suddenly suffer the verbal equivalent of writers block!

Following my introduction by Nick, he’s one of the founders of the organisation, the front cover of the book magically appeared on our screens and a short podcast played setting the scene of the semi autobiographical story.

I then was asked how the desire/ need came about to write, my cue to share what I considered were a few amusing instances from my apprenticeship as a playwright and naïve producer of a couple of plays that were put on at great personal expense.

It took a good few moments to realise that lack of any reaction whatsoever had less to do with my quirky sense of humour than the limitations of the technology at our disposal, which didn’t  permit the usual  crowd response. I can only equate the feeling to watching a premiership football match on television in front of an empty stadium!

The evening was wrapped by a Q& A session in response to a show of hands from several the seventy or so attendees for which they were suitably rewarded with a signed copy of the book.

Then it was over!

It transpired I’d worried for nothing. Roll on the next Zoom launch!

©John Steinberg 2020