John Steinberg launched his new title ‘Nadine’ at the Hampstead School of Art on Wednesday 22nd May 2019.


John’s latest creation and third novel is Nadine, the story of a stunning and mysterious French dancer set in London, Paris and New York.

Here is a taste of what Nadine is about:

To most people the theatre producer and the dancer seem totally unsuited. With Nadine’s beauty, talent and stage presence she would always have her pick of anything or anyone. Peter Greenberg isn’t much to look at, but kindness and generosity aren’t easy to see. When Nadine is betrayed by the man she loves and finds herself with nowhere to go she realises that Greenberg is the only person she can turn to. But even though she knows his love and support are hers forever, its no compensation for the dark episodes of depression that have plagued her since adolescence and by feeling compromised between her career and caring for her secret love child. When her delicate mental state is used against her to prise away that child, there is only one solution. In a final act of desperation, she takes an irrevocable step.

Years pass, and Greenberg has long given up hope that his enduring and unrequited love for Nadine can ever be returned in any way. But then he’s commissioned by an unlikely source to produce a musical about the dancer. The show is a huge success. It salvages a floundering career and enables Greenberg to move on with his life.

With its nod to Hitchcock’s Psycho in how soon his heroine comes to her own point of no return, John’s plotting is nowhere more daring than in Nadine.

Nadine is a poignant story of unrequited love, a love that will one day be returned and in a most unexpected way…

The book is now available click here to order at Amazon