Melanie Takefman reviews Blue Skies Over Berlin in 24th February edition of The Jerusalem Post, page 40.

Entitled ‘The art of deception. A novel pairs the scion of a Nazi family with a social-climbing Jew for an art caper in 1950s London’. Melanie describes the novel as ‘a gripping postwar tale of deception.’

She goes on to give a detailed synopsis of the book and writes ‘Blue Skies is a compact work about deception and reconciling with one’s past. Its chronicles the life of Charlotte Brown, a woman faced with deception on may levels; self-deception, the deception of others and global deception, all set elegantly on post Word War II Europe. Charlotte is a well-developed character, solitary and shockingly naive and Steinberg skilfully guides the reader deep into her head.’

‘Many of the turns of the plot are gripping and complementing the dramatic interludes are lovely descriptions of the posh London venues that Charlotte frequents with Bernard and his colourful crowd.’

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