I’ll be discussing my book with Dr Tali Lowenthal and Eduardo Pitchon

When: 12/02/2017

Where: Shtiebel, 10a Canfield Gardens, London NW6

Time: 19.30PM

Contact: 0207 794 4655

Price: £10 over the telephone

Dr Lowenthal is is the Director of the Chabad Research Unit and an author. He lectures in Jewish Spirituality at UCL and at many other institutions. Eduardo Pitchon, Social Psychologist and a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist with a special interest in ethnic minorities, violence, deprivation in society and children.

About Spiro Ark
Spiro Ark is a London-based charitable organisation which organises Jewish cultural events and courses in Jewish History, culture and languages. It has been established by Nitza and Robin Spiro, well known for their pioneering work in Jewish Education in the UK. Spiro Ark aims to teach and enthuse about Jewish History and Culture, both because of the intrinsic fascination of these subjects, and because of the central role of Jewish Education and learning about Jewish History and culture in maintaining a Jewish sense of identity in the 21st century.