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Shimon My First Novel

The first thing I had to do was to write a synopsis of the story.  This started with a simple idea. In my a case, a man’s journey from a gladiator to a life of spiritual meaning. Since my character... Continue Reading →

Developing As a Writer

Apart from our monitor breaking down on the opening night and a few wonky props that had a habit of falling to pieces during the performances, the six-week run went off relatively smoothly. We played to several full houses and... Continue Reading →

Ray thought it would be a good idea to film an amusing scene when Larry, our leading man, is seen leaving his house on his way to a gig and is struck down by an attack of asthma. The plan... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Reality!

Six weeks to go and we still had no idea who was going to be playing the role of our leading man, let alone the five other members of the cast and a stage manager to look after the show.... Continue Reading →

The Makings Of A Playwright

So, we were going to turn my story about the former clothing manufacturer with a song up his sleeve into a play. Good I thought! I had eventually found a home for all those one-liners.  Wrong again! Ray, who had far... Continue Reading →

From businessman to writer

What happens to a fifty-something man going through a mid life crisis? I’ve not done much research on the subject but I would guess if he has the means he buys a flashy sports car or if he has a... Continue Reading →

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